⦁ VLSI design consulting

Masood Khan offers over 30 years of extensive experience in VLSI physical design, custom layout design and circuit design of high-end and embedded Microprocessors, SRAM and Memory Compiler and CAD tool and flows development

Specialties: Major expertise are in transistor level custom circuit design and layout of low power and high performance full custom SRAM/CAM, Cache memories, TLB, ROM, Dual Port SRAM and Register Files, Standard cell library, Memory Compilers, data path, timing analysis, clock & power distribution design and functional verification.
Areas of Expertise
⦁ Feasibility studies
⦁ Architecture and specification writing
⦁ RTL implementation and physical design
⦁ Circuit design and simulation
⦁ Production schematic and cross section for transistor level simulations
⦁ Analog and digital layout at cell, macro and block level
⦁ Physical design verification (DRC, LVS, ERC, DFM)
⦁ SRAM design (single and dual port SRAM and Register files)
⦁ Memory Compiler development
⦁ Standard cells characterization
⦁ Cache Memory Management System design
⦁ Layout Design and verificationTraining


⦁ Engineering Staffing and Recruiting
4Silicon Design specializes in placing highly technical Software & Hardware Engineering Consultants at low billing rate.
⦁ Web development and hosting
⦁ Layout Design and Training